Health Camp in Masincedane Clinic in July 2010

Health Camp at Masincedane Clinic

Early on Saturday morning on the 24 July, a group of willing volunteers gathered together at Ananda Kutir Ashrama and set about putting together 160 food hampers.    This was organised as part of the Sivananda Platinum Jubilee Celebration and the Outreach Team had purchased an abundance of food items which had been made possible through generous donations received.

There was such a lovely energy in the room – a real team effort, as we all set about putting the parcels together  and each one included:   a loaf of bread, a packet of porridge, a bottle of cooking oil, tinned baked beans, vegetables and tomatoes,  tomato paste, mielie meal, samp and beans, soya and rice.  There was so much to collate that two bags were needed to make up one food hamper.  With the bakkie loaded to the hilt we were ready to set off, but before we did, Swami Vidyananda led us in a prayer and reiterated that we have been given this opportunity to serve God in the poor and the needy.

When we arrived at the Masincedane Clinic we were greeted by a roomful of patients.  Some patients who needed extra attention were given special care by Robyn Conway, who gave oil massages, whilst the children were given yoga lessons by Jennifer, Cath and Saskia.  You can just imagine what fun they had.  The rest of the patients were sitting on chairs in a circle waiting expectantly.

What to do?  The idea of yoga mats and plenty of space went out of the window.  We quickly decided and it was great that Terri, a vibrant volunteer, took the plunge and stood in the middle of the circle and explained the benefits of having a good posture, whilst a lovely lady from the clinic acted as the translator.  We then took turns in the middle of the room showing a variety of simple yoga asanas and soon enough there were happy smiley faces and peals of laughter as they were balancing on one leg!  There was such an interest by all and you could see that they were enjoying themselves.   Rosemary Frith rounded off the morning with a talk on the healing power of hands and how each finger represents a specific quality.  This served not only as a wonderful take-home technique, but was also empowering for everyone there.

Then a magical moment – the patients burst into song as a thank you for what we had done.  It was very moving.  Afterwards, there was great delight when the announcement was made that everyone would receive a food hamper, and all the children received cupcakes lovingly made by Elna McKenzie.

Thank you to everyone involved, from the donors, Rosemary and her Outreach Team, Deepika Patel for organising the Health camp and all the volunteers.

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