Vanessa Pensato

Vanessa Pensato

Vanessa Pensato


Name: Vanessa Pensato
Place: Cape Town

I was born and raised in Munich, Germany, but my roots are also grounded in the South of Italy where my Dad grew up.

I began my Yoga practice in 2002, just about at the same time when I started my job as an area manager in the fashion industry.

After experimenting with different Yoga Styles, the most inspiring for me are the teachings of Integral Yoga by Sri Swami Sivananda. Thats why I decided to  do the „Yoga Teacher Training Course“ in Vrindavan, India, with the Sivananda Forest & Vedanta Acadamy.

In 2009 and quit my job in the fashion industry and moved to Cape Town with the intension to support a charity project and teach Yoga. I searched in the internet for some charity projects and on my search I made the experience that not every project is interested in helpers and supporters. Believe it or not, some organisations I offered my help to did not even react, which, for me, is not understandable at all. Especially in this country I did not expect something like that. Isn’t it quiet ironic that volunteer help is refused?!

Anyway, luckily I found the Ananda Kutir Asharam! I immediately sent them an email and I did not have to wait long for a reply. I was invited to come and see the Asharam and to meet the people there the next day.

As I am also a Yoga teacher I was lucky in two ways: I found a place for my yoga practise AND for karma yoga (selfless service)

When I first entered the Ananda Kutir I immediately felt this warm feeling of being home somehow and the amazing energy there. I was cordially received and everyone was happy to have a new helping hand with the Outreach Project.

All these wonderful people I met in the ashram became my, I call it ‘Karma Yogi’ Familie and every time I leave the ashram I feel blessed and thankful for beeing part of this.
Vanessa & some other volunteers @ the Ashram

Vanessa & some other volunteers @ the Ashram

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